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     Have you ever brought food to a loved one in the hospital or nursing home? Did your parent or grandparent teach you a special recipe and now you are making them that same dish? This is a collection of special recipes handed down from generations with love and given back with hope. I have been a registered nurse for over 10 years. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't see someone bringing food in for their loved ones. With a smile they say, "Maybe they will eat this". It's usually a family favorite
     This is an invitation to anyone who has made that special recipe while taking care of their loved one. I would like to have your family member and recipe included in my upcoming cookbook, My Loving Spoonful.  Please submit a recipe that brings back warm memories of them teaching you how to prepare it. I am including a picture in the cookbook of the person you made this recipe for, and also a short 2 paragraph story about the person such as any interesting facts, your memories of making this with them as a child, or any funny or heart warming story that you would like to share. Please click on submit a recipe to make your entry and be considered to be included into this cookbook. Thank you for your entry and I look forward to seeing you in my book! Don't forget to watch for your names and recipes to be listed on my recipe page!