My Loving Spoonful

My Loving Spoonful
 recipes are added as they are submitted

Apple Pie by Mary Benosky Kappelo, Amherst, OH. submitted by Patricia Conrad (granddaughter)

Apricot Smacks by Catherine O'Donnell, Elyria, OH. submitted by Patricia Harssema and Bridget Provenzano (daughters)

Asparagus Frittata by Antoinette DiMuro, New Port, Richey, Fl. submitted by Catherine Harason (daughter)

Avyolemono Soup with Meatball by Foteni Tsiros , Westlake, OH. submitted by Toni Kacludis (granddaughter)

Baked Baby Lima Beans by Eileen Murawski, Elyria, OH. submitted by Eileen Murawski

Banana Nut Bread by Joseph Yingling, Elyria, OH. submitted by Dorothy Yingling (wife)

BBQ Beef Southern Style by Charles Randall, Elyria, OH. submitted by Anne Laubenthal (daughter)

Beef Short Ribs by Rose Lee Young, Oberlin, OH. submitted by Alice Young (daughter)

Beef Stroganoff by Carol Fite, Elyria, OH. submitted by Michelle Fite (daughter)

Biscuit and Tomato Sandwich by Edith Lucas, Elyria, OH. submitted by Frances Shook (daughter)

Buttermilk Pie by Louise Carson, Fl. submitted by Stacy Walker (granddaughter)

Cheeseburger Soup by Rosemary Lance, Elyria, OH. submitted by Michael Filipiak (son)

Cherry Pie by Robert Grobe, Elyria, OH. submitted by Anita Edwards (granddaughter), Annette Grobe (daughter in law), Laurie Grobe (granddaughter in law)

Chicken Paprikas
 by Helen Vargo, Elyria, OH. submitted by John Vargo (son)

Chili by Annabelle Evanish, Elyria, OH. submitted by Pam Alexander (daughter)

Chocolate Chip Cookies by Marilyn Vandemark, Elyria, OH. submitted by Jim Vandemark (son)

Concrete by Dorothy Morgan, Elyria, OH. submitted by Janet Greene (daughter)

Cornbread by Della Rhyan Cleveland, OH. submitted by Joyce Rhyan (daughter)

Cranberry Salad by Wilda (Billie) Reisinger, Elyria, OH. submitted by Billie Reisinger

Cream Cheese Cake by Mary Glenn Treadway. submitted by

Date Nut Bread by Minna Haag, Elyria, OH. submitted by Barbara Meyers (daughter)

Date Pudding by Dorothy Radebaugh, Elyria, OH. submitted by Dorothy Radebaugh

Doughnuts by Bernadette Reitz, Elyria, OH. submitted by Marilyn Reitz Plas (daughter)

Filled Hungarian cookies by Teresa Speckhart Farkas. submitted by Donna Meier (granddaughter)

French Kraut Salad
by Mary Shipula, Elyria, OH. submitted by Mary Ann Shipula (daughter in law)

Fresh Bread by Freda Gray, Grafton, OH. submitted by Freda Gray

Fried Cabbage by Lelia Mae Hagler, Elyria, OH. submitted by Clara Mills (daughter)

Fried Cabbage and Noodles by Etelka Kovacs. submitted by Sara Sue Unluagac and IIona Barath (daughter and granddaughter)

German Shortbread Cookies (Heidesand) by Gertrude Hampel, Spring Hill, Fl. submitted by Claudia Miledge ( Daughter)

Hamburger and Cabbage by Janet Sheetz, Elyria, OH. submitted by James Sheetz (son)

Holly Wreath Cookies by Gertrude Obringer, Elyria, OH. submitted by Nancy Dowdell (granddaughter)
Hummingbird Cake by Virginia Spigiel, Elyria, OH. submitted by Glendine Spigiel (daughter in law)

Hungarian Doughnut by Theresa Fux, Elyria, OH. submitted by Helen Karam (granddaughter)

Italian Christmas and Easter cookies by Betrina Mancuso. submitted by Kitty Vasi Meszes

Italian Meatballs by Carmella Larizza, Elyria, OH. submitted by Kathy Larizza (daughter)

Meatloaf by Patty Mudge, Elyria, OH. submitted by Ida Mudge (daughter)

Nut Bread by Connie Brown, Elyria, OH. submitted by Gail Brown (daughter in law)

Oatmeal Cookies by Bertha Elizabeth Dalton, Submitted by Bertha Dalton Simonson (granddaughter)

Oven Baked Barbecued Ribs by Sophie Golski, Elyria, OH. submitted by Mary Ann Golski (daughter in law)

Oven Beef Stew by Robert Butz, Elyria, OH. submitted by Bobbie Sears (daughter)

Palacinka by Betty Gabona, Parma Heights, OH. submitted by Dorothy Liba (sister)

Pancakes by Charles J Wikle, Submitted by Carol Hassler (daughter)

Peanut Butter Fudge by Elaine Zedek, North Olmsted, OH. submitted by Rebecca MacDonald (daughter)

Pecan Pie by Willie Bee Daniel. submitted by Vicki Elie (granddaughter)

Pineapple Cake by Dora Unger, Amherst, OH. submitted by Sheryl Hobart (daughter)

Pineapple Squares by Julia Fayer, Spencer, OH. submitted by Pamela Delancy (granddaughter)

Pizzelles by Ruth Trapasso New Port Richey, Fl. submitted by Diane Hensley (granddaughter)

Pork and Potato Casserole by Anna Mae Spanulo, Olmsted Falls, OH. submitted by Judy Smith (daughter)

Potatoes and Cheese with Dumplings by Helen Macaulay, Grafton, OH. submitted by Mary Ann Macaulay (daughter)

Pull Apart Cake by Nancy Allison, Elyria, OH. submitted by Nancy Allison

Pumpkin Roll by Marvine Westfall, Elyria, OH. submitted by Vicki Hutman (daughter)

Punch Bowl Cake by Vera (Marge) Carpenter, Elyria, OH. submitted by Vera Carpenter

Quick Quiche by Mildred Biltz, Elyria, OH. submitted by Jane Zinsmeister (daughter)

Raisin Pie by Anna Louise Canterbury Dunn, North Ridgeville, OH. submitted by Dreama Stamper (daughter)

Rhubarb Pie by Ralph Yost, Elyria, OH. submitted by Fay Bowman (daughter)

Seaweed Chicken Soup by Oknyo (Mae) Smith. submitted by Mary Guice-Rhymes (daughter)

Sour Cream Apple Pie by Nola Trumble, Elyria, OH. submitted by Sandy Wert (daughter)

Strawberry Punch Bowl Cake by Vera Carpenter, Elyria, OH. Submitted by Vera Carpenter 

Strawberry Shortcake by Nettie May Williams, Clearwater, Fl. submitted by Jill Tarbox (granddaughter)

Stuffed Cabbage by Flora Toth, Cleveland, OH. submitted by Ethel Macaulay (daughter)

Stuffed Cabbage Soup by Cathy Muncy. submitted by Hope Scarbro (granddaughter)

Sugar Cookies, Rolled by Joanne Baxter, Elyria, OH. submitted by Rick Kenny (son)

Sweet Plaintain Pastelon (Lasagna) by Nydia Rodriguez. submitted by Marybelle Reyes (daughter)

Sweet Potato Casserole by Ethel Louise Cave, Lorain, OH. submitted by Shirley Riser (daughter)

Vegetable Soup by Morris Wade Beverage Sr. Medina Twp. OH. submitted by Janet Pandolfi (daughter)

Yomasetti by Florence Brand, Elyria, OH. submitted by Paula Currier (daughter)